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BROWN EYED BAKER PEACH CRUMB BARS. sorry about the shouting. =)


Anything made with peaches is good. Or just wash them off and eat them but have a towel ready. Peach juice running down your arm can stain your clothes. And that's the truth.


I think those two fellas were discussing honey. The one on the right seems to have a bee sort of apron and the on the left seems to be buying honey.

About peaches: the French have a grandmother's saying, that you shouldn't drink anything when you're eating fruits with stones. Have you heard of this? I remember it years back and now I'm hearing it again.


I think that the guy on the right is saying..
"Are you REALLY wearing Robin Hoods Hat???
"Awesome, man"...."Totally Awesome"..
And he responds to that with..."Hey Man...I got something in my fringey bag here....Want to try some?"
Great photos, Carol...

Linda :o)

dianne throop

The gal in the first picture is my friend Elaine's daughter - visiting from Texas and working the market for her brother.


Dianne!!! Please tell her I thought SHE was the cutest person there and thank her for being so cooperative with my picture taking :)

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