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I was eagerly awaiting your bicycle...and you DID NOT disappoint! It is so wonderful. I have always wanted to draw one, I think I will try now.


What wonderful fun you two are having!!!Keep it up!

Caroline Berk

I did not know that song and I really like it. I can just imagine you two painting and singing. I am smiling just thinking about it. My sister and I are getting together to draw today - perhaps a bicycle and a raccoon could be worked into the mix. Or maybe a roller-skate. I will be singing (only in my head) the nickel song and the bicycle song all day.

Judy H.

Sounds like you are all having a blast. We are enjoying the fruits of your artsy endeavors. :)


Racoon and bicycle passed with distinction!

Melanie... nothing but inspired... love that gal :)

Joan Clarke

I don't remember Melanie from the 70's...where the heck was I?

Ya did great on the bicycle and MA's raccoon is too cute for words. Sounds like you two are humming right along...how long will the hum-a-long, paint-a-long last? Did Chris feed you two so you wouldn't starve?

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