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Judy H.

Very pretty! I think the green and white plant is snow-on-the-mountain (Euphorbia marginata).

Barbara Tarbox

Hi Carol,
Your pictures are arresting. You captured beauty, "Girl with Watermelons"
Entertainment, "Market Buskers"
Grace,"Genuine Joy"
Intimacy, "Alone But Not Lonely"
"This Combination Spoke to Me"
In photo #3 the expressiveness is this beautiful woman's face, brings me to tears.
everywoman I know would love to have a picture of herself looking like this.
These are wonderful, thank you for sharing.


Wise girl indeed! I just adore the colour scheme of the lady in blue and the close up couple, the smile on the ladies face, so cute!! Love your market trips :)

Holly Hudson

Judy is correct, it is snow on the mountain, I saw it for my first time at the NC Farmer's Market in Raleigh in late June. I thought it would be lovely in a bridal bouquet....It is also known as BISHOPS WEED, a very popular groundcover for the northside of a property. It can take over a garden, but I think that's awesome. I was very surprised that I had never seen that flower before....

I loved the woman with the solid-color shirt & khaki hat & the man with a similar color hat & striped shirt....they look like they enjoy each other's company and she has a wonderful smile.


As these stories are forming in your mind, please do NOT be tempted to follow anyone home to verify your thoughts! haha. i so enjoy your photographs.


Great market photos, Carol...
I hate to burst everybody's bubble...but...
I do believe that is a Euphorbia plant...
Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger plant, to be exact...
Who but you, Carol...could pick such a stunning plant for your weekly bouquet!!

Linda :o)

Joan Clarke

Lovely photos. The unique combo of flowers & peppers is so pretty. I love that varigated plant whatever the correct name is. Snow on the Mountain is much nicer sounding than Euphorbia.

Barbara Tarbox

Hi Linda
Hmmm, I believe Judy H. Was correct Euphorbia Tasmania has lancelate leaves.
Carol's flowers are Euphorbia Marginate was has ovate leaves..
it no matter, when flowers speak to you, it's magic.

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