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jeanette, mistress of longears

When they are finished at your house, please send them over to mine. I, too, need to make a donation.

Carol Gossett

Send them all to me, preferably full, please.

Pat P

I perked up at the "butter cake" part - I was recently made aware that an hour's drive away from me is a bakery that makes the best ever Butter Kuchen (German for butter cake). I have found several recipes, but I think I'll make the road trip first to get a real one to see what they taste like. Doesn't look at all like the ooey gooey version (which also looks yummy). Regardless, I just like to say Butter Kuchen, Butter Kuchen....

marta traughber

I really need to eat that now.

Joan Clarke

I guess I won't give you the recipe for Dump Cake then...13X9 pan is required. It's a butter loaded coronary bypass special, but it's so dang yummy you could just attack it with a large fork...

Leslie J. Moran

Don't you dare! I'm just getting back into the 9X13 thanks to you. I even contemplated purchasing a NEW metal one! We may have to feed the masses one day, or you'll be invited to a country farm wedding and asked to bring "squares" for the dessert table. Keep up the good practice I say! Off to check out the recipe:)

Linda Watson

You've brought me to my knees. That's the only way I can reach the 9x13 in the very back of the bottom cupboard. I think my mom called these sheet cakes. Now to soften the butter.

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