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Debbie J

Here's an article that I just found, that tells the means of wooly worms as weather predictors.

The ones we have in Texas are usually all black, and our winters are almost never bad. Hmm!

Susie LaFond

Bring on the wooly bears. YES! call me crazy but I adore winter, snow and the colder the better. It's been too hot for too long and Minnesota is not supposed to feel like Florida. So I'm with you, I'm ready for fall and excited for winter. No regrets, I'm ready to put the flannel sheets on all the beds, bring out the down comforters and can think of nothing better than snuggling up with a good read on a long winters night and calling it a very good day.


I hate winters here in OH...my ideal climate is the one we left in southern CA. But there's an annual Wooly Bear festival & parade here in Vermillion, OH...info is here.

If the orange stripe around their middle is small, it will be a severe winter. I always hope for a big wide stripe as that predicts a mild winter. anything in between is average.

We've been stuck in OH for 9 years now & I still haven't even seen a wooly bear in our yard. Maybe the birds we feed get them.


blasphemy! are you nuts? let fall live on forever. i am soooo not looking forward to winter here in the far north of new york.

Joan Clarke

OMG! Do you realize what you've done? You've released the winter snow/ice witch who will cause you to regret your casual remark/dare to "bring it on." You'd better protect and back up all your electronic devices, make sure your knitting is protected, (she'll unravel anything you have on the needles. Every recipe you try will fail, the coffee pot will not work. Oh you'd better be careful what you wish for. I'm running for cover.

We don't have wooly bears in the high desert, our winters are relatively mild with a week or two of freezing weather and maybe a bit of snow every 7-8 years. I like our winters much better than the brutal 115F summers. So I can wish for winter without releasing the snow/ice witch...but YOU? UH OH! Better get a sleeping bag for Lewis. Poor Chris, he doesn't even know what he's in for. Better get him some new winter duds, boots too.


Wooly Bears! I've seen them in my yard when I lived in Ohio. I hope they are not here in Denver.

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