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Karen Schumacher

Treat them as you would a small zucchini. No need to peel or seed, just "top & tail." I like to cut them in a way that maintains the integrity of their unique shape; a little fussy, yet worth it for the smile factor.

jeanette, mistress of longears

I've heard them called "patty pan squash". Let us know how they turn out.

Rhonda H.

Yes I was also going to say Patty Pan squash -- my grandmother used to grow the bright yellow ones and she called them sunshine squash but I doubt if anyone else did!
Love your Farmer's Market photos! Makes me want to run out and buy flowers!

Debbie J

The okra looks so fabulously fresh. I wish I was there, and I would buy it all up! All the flowers look amazing too. Maybe it's good I'm not there, or I would buy everything!


Love the name Patty Pan Squash. This (Patty Pans) was my big sister's secret name with my Mum (we all had one). I'd forgotten that!

In France, they're called patissons. Maybe that's where the name comes from - or the other way round. Anyway, they are delicious and versatile. Hope you enjoyed them.


Have you done okra on the grill? Salt, pepper and olive oil. delectable


I've never cooked these little cuties. Love the name and look of them. They remind me of those miniature pumpkins that will soon make an appearance in our markets. By this time (2:30 PDT) you've probably cooked & eaten the Patty Pans, be sure to give a review.


LOVE the okra!!! Best fried with a little hot vinegar on it!!!!


oooooh, fresh okra. i moved from texas to new york and most people don't know what okra is or what they are missing. and black-eyed peas too, i would give an arm and a leg (well maybe not really) for some fresh black-eyed peas. up north they are sometimes called cow peas and you can guess what they do with them, crazy people. i have seen the patty pan squash before but like you i never knew how to cook them. sounds interesting.

i have enjoyed your farmer's market pictures all summer. thanks for sharing that little bit of life with us.


This is the thing wabout squash, they are so beautiful,you don't want to chop them up... like aubergines I can't stop looking at them :)

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