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Janet Ghio

I always loved the Indian scout. Growing up in Kansas city I saw him often and he is one of the iconic symbols of KC to me. I love the photo you took of him from behind looking out over the city.

Barbara Tarbox

Yes, it's a beautiful picture. Oh, to see and experience all that there is to see can take
A lifetime. Am always celebrating the revelations that are revealed just around the
Corner and in our own backyards. Lift a glass to the solitary rider and all who came
Before and after him. Thank you Carol for sharing


Carol, I lived in Lawrence for 5 years back in the 70s, I then moved to KC and lived there through the 80s. It is an area full of bitter sweet memories. I drove frequently past the Indian on the hill but never stopped to look or knew the story.i found your blog through your sister, and follow your adventures. It often reminds me of my life in the Midwest. I love how you create joy an adventure in all you do. Lorrie

Joan Clarke

What a lovely view of the city and oh! how I love The Scout! I love history and the state of NV is rife with it. Pony Express, gold & silver boom & bust towns, westward expansion, the railroad...I drink it up. I've traveld the Lonliest Road in America, Hwy 50, part of the old Pony Express route.

There's a new book out, Empty Mansions, the story of Hugette Clark, daughter of William A Clark, copper tycoon who founded Las Vegas. She becomes a recluse and lives to be 104 in one of her many mansions, where she gives away much of her huge fortune. It was released on Wed. So that's my purchase for Sun. when get to Barnes & Noble to meet with my knitting friends...life is good!

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