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Debbie J

I should do great in a pot. If the center of the plant starts to get too tall, and you don't want it to bloom, then keep it pinched back. It will stay fuller, if you don't let it bloom.


Those exceedingly well behaved geraniums deserve your loyalty for a little longer !


Those geraniums are fantastic. I would hang onto them as long as possible..

Janet Ghio

I love decorative cabbage. It is so beautiful!

Judy H.

The decorative kale will do well in a pot. Prettiness. :)

Joan Clarke

In my zone (high desert southwest) kale and cabbage do very well in our relatively mild winter. We have a couple of weeks of hard freeze which will kill off the tender plants. I don't know why you couldn't put them in pots...it's worth a try.

Our temps dropped 20 degrees in one day. A big windy cold front blew through here. I'm wearing a hoodie sweatshirt inside the house. Love when it turns cooler, but we'll be back to the mid 90's next week!

Loving all the fall plants, flowers, wonderfulness. More!

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