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jeanette, mistress of longears

Paper is my life. Lots of paper. Therefore I believed I would NEVER like an e-reader. I inherited one when my husband got a newer one...not sure why I tried reading a book on it, but when I discovered that I could find the dictionary meaning of a work just by putting my finger on it, I began to be seduced. When I discovered I could search the text for the name of a character I couldn't remember (on an iPad) I was totally and irrevocably hooked.
But it still has to be paper for everything art related.

Chris Oliveira

I haven't heard of the book you just read. But I have been and still am involved in the closure of institutions in MA. Many states still have them, although they are much different and better than years ago. If you are interested in some MA history, google " Ricci v. Okin, Fernald Developmental Center, "Front Wards, Back Wards," and/or "State Boys Rebellion." And a very old, famous book about institutional reform is "Christmas in Pugatory." That one is very graphic about what happened years ago in state institutions, I warn you.

Chris Oliveira

By the way, I am currently listening to Pillars of the Earth at your excellent recommendation.


I was reading the Husband's Secret on my phone last week too. It was good company during every line I stood in, from Dillons to Michaels.

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