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jeanette, mistress of longears

I'm with Louis. Firmly. He's my kind of guy.


Finally, a post that is free of delectable foods, lovingly photographed, that will not propel me to the refrigerator at 10 o'clock in the evening.

Um, having said that, please don't stop.

Janet Ghio

Love your rabbit-I haven't done any needlepoint in a long, long time--I may get needlepoint envy myself!

Joan Clarke

I have done several counted cross stitch projects, never ventured into needlepoint. I love the rabbit! Did you see the cat kits on that site...geez, don't bring one of those home...on the other hand, Lewis might like it and want to sleep with it.

I'll be waiting to see the pillow/picture finished.


I love the link you provided..the poppy pillow is gorgeous....do you think I could do this if I've never done it before :) Lisbeth

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