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Joan Clarke

Love the colors of fall. I have never been to Ashville or any other place in the south except FL, so can't help with suggestions. Have a wonderful trip.


Check out Chimney Rock! There are hiking trails there, plus the amazing view from the top!


The shop I went to, and liked, about 15 years ago is Earth Guild (www.earthguild.com). Based on the website, they have supplies for lots of crafts.


Just outside Biltmore is Biltmore Village. Lots of little shops and a great gallery. Many shops were flooded out when hurricane Ivan came through several years ago but I think most have recovered. New Morning Gallery has crafted items that are fantastic. I hope that your timing is right for the leaves. They can be beautiful.


I know you aren't a vegetarian or vegan, but there is are two awesome veggie restaurants in Asheville - The Laughing Seed and Plant. Such good food, you won't miss the meat for a meal or two. Biltmore Village does have good shopping. And the same street where Malaprops Bookstore is there are a couple of good craft stores, galleries, and an art supply store worth wandering thru. You will like it there, I think. Groovy, funky shops, groovy, tattooed, and rather interesting people.


Bouchon is a great French restaurant on Lexington Ave. They also have a creperie next door(in a little alley way), but not sure when it is open. Across the street from Bouchon on Lexington is a used bookstore, which I heard is associated with Malaprops. They have many unique magazines and they did have many zines, also.

I agree with New Morning Gallery recommendation in Biltmore Village and then Blue Spiral Gallery near downtown at 38 Biltmore Avenue. Across the street on Biltmore Avenue is The Mast General Store. It is fun to go in. Lots of outdoor clothing and other fun stuff, like "penny" candy.

French Broad Chocolates, near Malaprops, is a yummy thing. Earth Guild is down the street and has different craft supplies. Tupelo Honey Cafe is a popular place to eat.

You might also enjoy the Grove Arcade. More unique little shops.

You might also want to look into visiting the Southern Highland Craft Guild on the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you are in Asheville between Oct. 17-20 then you can attend the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands at the US Cellular Center in downtown Asheville.

Also, be on the lookout for apple festivals and such. There is always something going on in Western Carolina in the month of October.

Have fun!!!

Steve Mulvenon

You might want to contact Ryan, your nephew,regarding his recommendations. He recently hosted/coordinated a bachelor's party in Asheville. Janelle

Holly Hudson

My son & his girlfriend are big foodies...and visited earlier in September...from Raleigh .... Sunny Point "served us the breakfast of a lifetime....." long waits, but definitely worth it. Hiking suggestions include: Sliding Rock in Brevard (which is another quaint town) and Blue Ridge Parkway & Craggy Gardens (sunset is awesome).

Any local festivals the weekend you arrive is a great suggestion from Kelley!
Two years ago this Labor Day Weekend, we took a great course in preparation for retirement (still 3 years away) affiliated with UNC @ Asheville and it was life-changing. We were the youngest in the bunch at 55 & 57, but really really learned so much from the variety of people who attended. Holly


You must visit the Grove Park Inn. Have a drink in their great room.


Ariel Gallery across the street from Blue Spiral. Dinner on the terrace at Grove Park Inn. Modesto for dinner downtown. Botanic Gardens on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yes, you must go to French Broad Chocolates.

If you are there on Friday night, I think that is the drum circle night downtown. An experience not to be missed.

Chevron Trading Company the biggest bead store I've ever been. Tom's For Shoes.

Parking in Asheville is a nightmare. Not enough. Go early, park, and walk everywhere with stops to rest at brew pubs, coffee shops and restaurants.

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