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Carol Gossett

65 degrees-sigh. It was 100 when I left work at 4:30 today. Very much looking forward to 65 degrees!

Barbara Tarbox

Aren't best chums the Best and a lovely fall ish day and pumpkin spice latte. Woman,
Life IS good. Missing your art journal fun. Mary Ann's stay with Joyce and Sharon
Was awesome. That lucky duck, Sharon's house full of nooks and crannies. Every
Pic a feast for the eyes.
Enjoy your friend your coffee and the beautiful fall.

Joan Clarke

65F is the perfect temp. in my book. I like it when it's just cool enough for a hoodie or light weight cardigan. That's a ways in the future for my plot on the planet...like Halloween! Today was 99F with 75% humidity...unbearable for us who are so used to 15% max. on the humidity scale.

I read that it was 43F in Chicago this morning. I bet they're in for a vicious winter.

Poor Colorado...they're calling it a 1000 year flood. I didn't know there was such a thing. Unfortunately, they're on the wrong side of the Rockies, for us to benefit from the watershed...we are the ones who need it so desperately. I hope the folks there are able to clean up soon and get back to normal. I can't even wrap my head around floods of that magnitude...

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