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Joan Clarke

Very interesting article.

I once was trying to get a photo of a bird perched in a tree in a yard across the road from my parked car (public street) when the woman of the house came out weilding a broom threatening to call the sheriff! It wasn't like I was taking a photo while peeking in her house, this tree was beside the house and over 30 ft. high. Sheesh! Wish I'd had this article to show her.

Vicki in Michigan

I don't like to have my picture taken. I hardly ever take pics of people that include faces unless I ask, and when I do, it's almost always because the people were between me and the thing I was actually trying to take a picture of (the Duomo in Florence, perhaps).

I know that (in the USA) we are allowed to, but I don't think that makes it right.

In other places, they have different laws, and some are stricter about not taking pics of people.

Inanimate objects -- that's different. Though I do have qualms about taking pics of the current work of living artists (a street art fair, say). I usually ask in that case........ Even though I don't think I HAVE to, under the law.......


I am with Vicki here. One thing I do that I shouldn't is take photo's of funky things in supermarkets etc, just for the colours of the beg or packaging. They are usually close ups so do not infringe on the supermarkets layout etc, but apparently it is not strictly allowed. Something to do with spies copying their displays :)


In not sure how geotags work, or any technology for that matter. But my husband does Internet security for a living, and knows the dangers of posting photos online. We have a strict no photos of our children online ever, for any reason. We tell our family, friends and school district to please not ever post photos of them online- ever ever ever.
Since your camera is an actual camera, and not a smartphone, the photos probably aren't geotagged, meaning some one who does know a bit about technology couldn't find the location where the photo was taken.
We were just on vacation in Vegas and I found myself ducking out of people's shots left and right. I'm just a private person I guess.
I love your photos, every single one of them. ;-)

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