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The Quality Hill neighborhood? If I live there, it would probably be in the Okay neighborhood but I might like SAYING Quality Hill.

Leslie J. Moran

Thought of you with the latest Anthony Bourdain show. He was in Kansas City and eating only at BBQ places. Your divine crepes look much more alluring. Love it when one thing leads to another.

Joan Clarke

You find the most interesting places to explore...we have nothing like those in this plastic city, land of the fake. I avoid The Strip like the plague...give me the wide open spaces and no tourist traps.

The crepes sound heavenly!

Beth Leintz

Your pictures (and post about Fervere) led me to the Westside yesterday. I got the last loaf of bread and had wonderful lunch at Westside Local. Thanks for the nudge into wonderful Friday.


Beth! give us a review of Westside Local - I saw that when I was up there and plan to visit... and what loaf of bread did you get?

jan b.

Until I read the comments, I wasn't sure what "the one" was but with those ingredients, you certainly couldn't go wrong. Yum!

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