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Leslie J. Moran

Perfect. Wonderful colours, great inspiration, and I LOVE that wool winder! I don't think I've ever seen one before. Antique?

Amy at love made my home

The colours of the wool match the colours of the mountains totally, so I can see why you chose the name! Hope you enjoy the knitting, and looking forward to results!

Joan Clarke

Get thee a swift and a ball winder woman! The table top swift I bought on eBay & my ball winder from Joann's make for some fast balls of yarn. Unless you like being in the Middle Ages tool-wise.

Beautiful colors...can't wait to see it knit up. I'm in the process of knitting the 3rd baby afghan for the second batch of great grands, two are here already, one expected in Feb. This is total 6 great grands...hard to believe from a youngster like myself. HA

jacki long

Love it! Love it!! Love it!!!


I got this Nostepinne at my local yarn shop - The Yarn Barn in downtown Lawrence. You can also order them on line. I love winding the balls using this - it makes me feel like I am back 100 years ago. It's fun, unless you have a ton of skeins to wind... then I get them done when I buy them, or talk my friend Ann into doing them for me.

Carol Gossett

Delicious colors!


Heavenly colours and the perfect photo to go with it.

Will we see the pattern - or, rather, an idea of the finished thing?

(I hope that a vest in the US is not what it is in GB: an undergarment, a bit old fashioned, for keeping warm in winter! You must get that word from the French who call a jacket a veste).)


Please tell us (um, me) which vest you choose. I have been searching for just such a pattern for ages on ravelry, but always come away overwhelmed, with 15 new patterns added to my queue and a very bad case of start-itis.

(Don't you love it when perfect strangers ask you to do the footwork for them?) :-)

Caroline Berk

That sounds so good. I started a vest ages ago and it languishes somewhere around here. It would be nice to wear right now. Perhaps I had better look it up and put it with my Lizard Ridge blocks. Something for my "spare" time. (and if you see that lurking around somewhere, would you please send it back? I need it!)



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