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Linda Watson

I recognized the roof line on the left page right away. And, thank you to your alter ego from my alter ego for the reminder. My alter ego was having a hard time getting me to hear that.


Having Amsterdam envy here too.... I could just draw those curly swirls on the screen door all day ! Glad you did your own building, it's sort of like being there...


You do that (hold her to her promise). Amsterdam is my favourite city. It even beats Paris for me as everyone is very friendly and there's so much FUN everywhere as well as beauty.


I just read her latest post and said to my husband, forget the plan to tour he English countryside. I'm going to Amsterdam!


Amsterdam is wonderful.
Love your journal pages.
I trying to learn


I so empathise... I am wishing I was exploring a continent 12,000 miles away, along with my oldest two girls.., oh to be in the Northern hemisphere now. I have this feeling of like being a kite trying to break away from the strings that are holding me...! never tried candy corn !!!

But I have stitched rabbits, well... one...!!

Jane Bumar

I was thrilled to read that 1) you're going to Amsterdam!! and 2) that you sister is actually loving it so much that she's going to revisit. You know how she is always going somewhere new....I fully expect blog posts from you just chock full of Amsterdam goodnes in a year or so - I'll hold you to it ;-) hehe. Seriously, it's a wonderful city, and I can feel your joy in your sketching. Just beautiful!

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