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Ya gotta love Angie!

My daughter fixed spinach kale. It was offered at the farmer's market in their town and it was a very good buy. Excellent prepared with a little garlic first sweated in the pot the finished with a few glugs of red wine vinegar. She served it with a fritatta on Friday evening . Just right.


Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom! great dinner party and I love your fabric pumpkins, so cool.


Love to hear stories about Angie! I will have to try a Bob's 47, looks good!

Barbara Tarbox

Many blessings to you and all your family.
Our family likes to keep birthdays a family affair. Carol you are so right about the
Intimacy that is shared amongst the few.
The shrimp pasta dish that Chris made along with the icebox cheesecake! what a
Thank you all for allowing us to share with you.


Oooo, please have Chris write out how he makes the shrimp pasta. I'm such an awful cook; I can't just throw in this and that like great cooks can.


Happy Birthday Angie!!! Here's to many more...that shrimp pasta & yummy cheesecake with too strong coffee should keep you going just fine!

Joan Clarke

That Angie! What a doll...can't help but smile when I see pix of her on your outings or family gatherings. I love intimate gatherings.

Hope Angie has many more birthdays to complain about the strong coffee. HA!


It has been entirely too long since my last visit. I have so missed seeing her sweet lil face, she doesn't disappoint she just keeps getting cuter and cuter every time I see her.


Happy Birthday, Angie! what a great family!

Leslie Gardiner

Love your infectious love of life, Carol, and how you steer us to appreciating the simple things in each occasion. And I LOVE your photography smarts! The best!

Judy H.

Happy Birthday to Mama Moss! :)

Chris Oliveira

God bless Angie! Happy birthday to a precious woman whom I've never met, but feel love for every time you post about her!


Putting in my Xmas menu order now. Shrimp pasta a la crystal lake!

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