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Key lime pie, one of my favorites! Wish I could stopover for a piece. Yum!

Amy at love made my home

I feel cold just looking at your pictures! Love the warty pumpkin, I have seen more of those this year than before, they are great aren't they. xx


Even in winter, when I love pumpkin anything, I can always be swayed by my all round favorite, key lime. Good for Angie!


Love that Knucklehead pumpkin..
I'll bet Angie was glad to have you back...
Pie or no pie!!

Enjoy your day!
Linda :o)

Caroline Berk

Key Lime pie is always in season!

Violet Cadburry

Dontcha know that Key Lime Pie is my absolute favorite! Did you really use key limes? Looks so limey:)

Joan Clarke

Key Lime Pie is the pie for all seasons. Or any other pie, IMHO. When I was on a birding tour to FL we tried the key lime pie everywhere we stopped for lunch or dinner. By consensus, Naples, FL won the contest, hands down. It was the best, even beating out the pie we had in Key West. I'll bet yours would beat out Naples. There isn't a substitute for home made, is there?

I adore pumpkins! All shapes and sizes, even the warty ones.

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