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Amy at love made my home

I love the idea of you impressing people with your knitting when you are out and about, I would be impressed for sure! xx


Turning the heel on a sock makes me feel smart every single time.

I love the colors you choose.

And now I've downloaded the pattern for the mitts. Once I finish the socks and scarf I'm knitting, they're up next.

Leslie J. Moran

I'm so glad to see this. I started a pair but they had cables etc. and I have to say I abandoned the project. Yet another of your inspirations to get me going again. You are the reason I finished my Halloween Cross-stitch. You told everyone to get going on the decorating, so I did! See the effect you have on readers?!! Love seeing your hands working.

Caroline Berk

Carol, do those have little short fingers? If they do, I am impressed (and might think you crazy.) I might manage ones that you knit flat and seam up the side, but little tiny fingers with little double pointed needles... I might end up having to stick one in my eye!


Carolyn, they just have a thumb... there are patterns that have little half fingers but not this one!

Judy H.

Love the colors for the mitts (I can see that there are several colors in the yarn, but they do have a bit of a KU vibe. Rock Chalk!). ;-)


I don't know what you are talking about but I love it anyway!

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