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Liz Van Buren

Wow, is she rocking that 50's schoolteacher vibe or what? Look at that handbag! I bet she has a compact and hankie in there with her cellphone. I just want to kiss her for the memories she brings back. What a beautiful girl. Sigh...where did all the ladylike things go when the jeans, jogging shoes and hoodies crashed the party and refused to leave?


Scuse my ignorance but what is a pour over and what is a cruller. Sounds weird but wonderful.

Amy at love made my home

I was wondering the same as Chrissy, not sure what these drinks are. I've not seen those on the menu in England. xx


OK - so a pour over is a slow method of drip coffee each cup poured slowly, one at a time and takes about 3-4 minutes to brew. A cruller is a fried pastry, kind of like a doughnut but more crispy and with a nice glaze on it. Doesn't that sound like a good combination?

Amy at love made my home

Sounds great indeed Carol, thanks for explaining!


That ensemble is out-of-this-world!!!

Linda :o)

Judy H.

I don't even drink coffee, but I love Oddly Correct's website (will have to visit, as the shop looks so cool). Lindsey and the baristas are adorable. :)

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