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jacki long

I went to Pam's and agree her il pumpkin is adorable. I told her you sent me. ;o)
I used to have three fabric pumpkins and they lasted for years, and were handed down to my daughter's family ... moral being, you'll get years of enjoyment.


hahahaha! i love it, a pumpkin palooza!!! i have been a pumkin lovin fool lately, no doubt about it, glad it rubbed off a little on you. all day today i had to resist running to TJ's for another pumpkin for one more idea, i think someone needs to smack me. luckily MA isn't close enough to do the honors. thanks jacki for stopping by and carol for sending. miss you...looking forward to january! xo

Amy at love made my home

Your pumpkins are beautiful, and you will love making your acorns, which will look great with the pumpkins! Happy pumpkining!! xx

Leslie J. Moran

Oh My! You got them!!! I just love those little "punkins". Perfect decor for the fall.


If you ever want a job as a personal interior designer gal in New Zealand... I know just the place :)

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