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jeanette, mistress of longears

I hate to sound like such a slacker, but I ordered my felt balls from Joggles and have never looked back.

Amy at love made my home

I'm new to your blog Carol, but I'm looking forward to seeing your finished acorns. That must have been a very hard working banner to have seen you through so many occasions.Amy

Judy H.

Ha! Can't wait to see the finished fall garland. I've got needle felting supplies here, but haven't done much with them yet. However, I do love petting the roving. ;-)


Oh boy, I can't wait to see how your acorns turn out. Just yesterday, I dug out my "used only once" a few years ago, felting supplies. I was thinking, if I could make some "acorns" I would be ever so happy. I am a collector of acorns, both real, from nature, and otherwise. Looking forward to your fall garland. I'll wait right here, then copy you.. Heh Heh. I mean, use yours for inspiration. Yes, I recall the injuries from those needles, which is probably why I never mastered the use of them.

Joan Clarke

Egad! The needle felting gadget looks lethal. I faint at the sight of blood, so I'd best buy the the pompoms and just glue to the acorn caps if we had such a thing as Oak trees in the desert. NOT! So I think I'll stick to autumn leaves cutouts strung up on a garland.

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