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holy eff nuts! you struck gold in dem der hills!

Joan Clarke

Wow! I wanna get one or several of those garlands. Would they mail order to the Western Hinterlands of the Mojave Desert?

I envy you all the wonderful resources you have for the seasons. We have nothing to compare. Zip, nuttin', nada as in none.

Amy at love made my home

OMOMOMOMOMG!! That is gorgeous - did I mention that - ha! It is stunning and it looks stunning on your light as well. Hope that you have a great fall and lots of holidays looking at your garland. Good luck with the felty acorns too, they will either come together or not as is meant to be. xx

Janet Ghio

Your garland is just beautiful!


Absolutely love this! Resisting the temptation to jump in the car and get to the nearest Michaels to find dried of the same. Only wouldn't be the same!


Devils claw, milkweed, buckeye... these are all weird and wonderful words from American fiction (to me) so they have a magic of their own - before I even look at that wonderful garland.

Judy H.

LoveLoveLove. That is all.


Ha! The title of this post is my mantra.... by default of course, I never set out to break a plan, but I would never execute a plan if one didn't get smashed to smithereens beforehand.

Lovely garland.

Pam Carvalho

the garlands ship really well......even overseas. They will be at the Holiday Market in Lawrence, Ks. At the Holidome in Lawrence, Ks. dec. 14...9-5


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