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Oh gosh. That's just the hardest thing ever. We love them so much and just don't get enough time with them. So sorry. :(


lewis is hunting big game with buck in that big cow pasture in the sky. they're both on horseback galloping over hill and dale in search of grub for rabbit stew.
clark is in the log cabin with gus and ali and eemo and grady . grady and eemo are making pies and gus, clark, and ali are playing cards. crazy 8's i think.
i know all this because i have a crystal cat ball.

Debbie J

I'm so sorry to hear about Lewis. I lost one of my pair (Molly), about 1.5 years ago. I can't help but wonder how much longer we'll have Jessy. She's almost 15 now. My previous cat (Sidney) lived 20 years. Wow! Such a long life. I know how hard it is to stop looking for your precious kitty. I went through that same thing. At least you have lots of wonderful photos, to go along with your memories.
Bless you.




So sorry Carol! I was so sad for you when Clark passed but at least you still had Lewis. Lewis knew how much you loved him, I am sure. I hope time will ease your pain.

Joan Clarke

I'm so sorry to read the end of the Lewis & Clark era. These darn cats capture our hearts and wring them out when they leave us. I hope other cats enter your world when the time is right...and you'll know when that is.

All 5 of my cats lived to near 20 years...each one bringing their own specialness to my world. Only one lived on 4 years, my precious Abby, Kitter Pie, whose loss still makes me cry at just the thought of him.

I hope the whole cat posse is romping around together, yukking it up with Lewis now that he's joined the party.

Linda Watson

I'm so sorry to hear about Lewis. I hate when they disappear like that, but I think they just like their cat-privacy, and so wander off on their own over the bridge.

Erika N

Oh man. I'm sorry for your loss, and checking to see if hes there and then he's not, that has to be so hard. Not to know. I lost one of my kitties a month ago from cancer...and I can relate to your pain.

Debbie Jordan

When a cat leaves your life a part of your heart dies. I am giving my 5 extra pats in his honour.


What a handsome cat! He will be forever chasing rabbits and who knows, someday he may just appear at the back door. One of my cats did disappear for 3 weeks and then came strolling up the driveway like nobody's business.


I am so sorry, Carol. Sending you love for this hard time.

Sharon W.

My all time favorite cat--back in the late sixties--was a beautiful black guy I named Stokely. He went missing during a weekend visit in CT, and crawled back to my sister's home after 7 weeks. It's too soon to declare him gone for good.....so I'll do some heavy duty hoping and praying over here!!!!

Rhonda H.

So sorry to hear it Carol, but like many who have commented here, we can hold out a little hope for you that he returns...

Janet Ghio

Oh I am so sorry about Lewis--he was a well loved boy--

Chris Oliveira

So sorry Carol. I will miss reading about his wisdom in your posts.


The image of Lewis and Clark romping together over the Rainbow Bridge is heartwarming. So hard losing our pet companions and I send you and your husband blessings to heal your hearts.

Leslie J. Moran

This is so very, very sad. He had such a lovely life with you and we just know he knew how much he was adored. He's off chasing rabbits for sure! Always the adventurer.


Oh no..how awful. I hope he does stroll back. But if not, it's a pretty enchanting view through Mary Ann's crystal cat gazing ball.

Lewis and Clark are both such handsome fellows.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Such sad news! The world will be a little smaller now.


Keep saying it...he hears you!
Listen carefully...he loves you back!


So sorry for your loss. hugs.

Vicki in Michigan

I'm so sorry. No matter how long we have them, it's never enough.

Sending much sympathy.

Pat P

I am so sorry to hear this news. I have been there, going to look at the back door "one more time" for about 100 times a night. Thank you for sharing such wonderful stories of these awesome fellows through your blog. They will be missed by all of us.


Oh Carol that just stinks. I'm hoping he's snuggled up with a college student who's loving on him in your absence. A big hug to you.


Dangit! Those stoic cats! How hard life can be sometimes-so sorry.

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