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Nancy from Fair Oaks, CA

I think this barn would be a great place to have a Thanksgiving Day meal (and maybe we could invite a few animals too)!

Debbie Jordan

That building is a barn? Wow! Love the architecture.


The inside is exactly what our house and workshop looked like when we first found it (one half habitable, the other half Hugh's workshop). Uncanny, even the big double doors look the same.

That's wonderful, that such buildings are kept for future generations. I fear that one day all farm buildings will be those 'built in a day' metal structures. Dunno. Perhaps that's how it should be - but let's not forget those older farmers, as you so clearly won't.

Amy at love made my home

The barn is so lovely Carol, I would have trouble with leaving those plates there though - far too beautiful to be left outside!! xx

Amy at love made my home

Ha - managed to comment today! xx

Leslie J. Moran

I'm so happy to know the "banked" part. This was the style of barn in which our friends had a wedding this summer. The horses had to stay outside whilst the stalls were all cleaned and spiffed up. Didn't want those pesky barn odours wafting upward during the dinner that was set under the beams:) Love barns.

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