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Amy at love made my home

Your pie/gallette looks great and you are so right that it is very important to get the tasting right! xx

Violet Cadburry

Wooowza! That looks amazing. Can you post the recipe????


I never thought of a rustic pecan pie or of using phyllo for it but I like that idea. You are kindness personified to taste thoroughly for us.


Dottie must be going to my very favorite local restaurant-you should come visit her here!


i would have taste-tested the whole freaking thing. Bravo!


OMG Carol....
That looks like...
A...Giant...Runny....Butter Tart...
Is there anything more delicious than a giant runny butter tart??
I think not...
MUST try this...ASAP!!!

Linda :o)


Can you PLEEEASE post this recipe...♥


Yep, we eat shit like that ALL DAY LONG here in the big Abq. ALL day long.


And that's why my doc called me today in a panic because my cholesterol required and "immediate and severe" lifestyle change.

Judy H.

Saving both recipes! Thanks for sharing. :)

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