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Leslie J. Moran

Oh well done! They look great. I could have used a pair of those on the weekend. The frost is on the pumpkin here now. Time to get knitting!:)

Amy at love made my home

They look really great, and I am sure that they will be very cosy for the winter! xx

Joan Clarke

They look great! I like to knit with DPN's as well. The look on people's faces when knitting in public is priceless!

I'll bet brother would like a pair of these...men just don't want to admit how cozy they feel...but something hand knitt...is that manly? Men used to do ALL the knitting back in the old days, as well as weaving, spinning, etc.


Those are beautiful. I think I've knit about two dozen of the Maine Morning Mitts, 6 years ago, I knit a pair for just about everyone on my christmas list. I found that I liked knitting them best two at a time magic loop, because I didn't have to keep track of the rows as much (otherwise the mitts and thumbs were different sizes :)) I made a couple with embroidered embellishments...too.

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