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Carol Gossett

How adorable is she?!


She is perfect right down to the hint of mischief in her big baby blues.

Barbara Tarbox

I AM in love. What a precious bit of scrumptious love. You are excused for 48 hrs. BUT when you return, more pictures please of this little plummy pudding.

Amy at love made my home

And why would you want to resist such cuteness!! She is adorable. xx

Pat P

I'm under her spell from afar. In person, she must be totally irresistable!


I look at her and remember the feel of holding babies. That wonderful clean baby smell. (We won't talk about any other) . What a cutie.

Leslie j. Moran

To resist would be futile. Enjoy every fleeting second with her. Love the "bumbo" chair. She'll be off soon!


Oh Carol....I did not know that you were also the proud owner of an absolutely adorable granddaughter?!
Isn't being a grandparent THE BEST!!!
Enjoy your time together‚ô•
Linda :o)

The one with Angie is precious‚ô•


possibly the cutest doggone baby evah! and you know i ain't no fan of babies.


oh my gosh, i am powerless to resist her charms from so far away and through the internet...that is some serious cuteness!!! more pics before she goes please!xo

Joan Clarke

Adorable. Precious. Sweet. What else is there to say? Babies are the bomb.


My sister in law and brother decided not to have children. A friend with an equally adorable baby came to stay in their home for a while. Joy nicknamed her "the DSL" (Destroyer of Serene Lives) and at first I thought it was because the baby was maybe a howler monkey. Years later I discovered it was because that beautiful baby made them second guess their earlier decision. When I see babies like this, I know there is a master plan at work. If they weren't this endearing, would anybody go through the trouble? Thanks for the share.


In that last photo she has the look of getting ready to speak a full sentence! What a doll face.

Judy H.

Good lord, she is adorable! Cute overload!

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