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Barbara Tarbox

And so the tribe comes together, in and out, moving in a comforting rhythm to honor
And sooth the elder.
Elder is a respectful term in the Indian life. Those who come before to make a path.
those who provide and nurture, who make it safe and comforting. The Elder is honored
Now, due her rewards for teaching and caring those entrusted to her. Her smile is
Wide because her blessings are many. Rest assured the rhythm continues.
Much love to all.


Thinking of you and your sweet Mother♥
Linda :o)

Michele Unger

Your mother raised some pretty spectacular people. I'm sorry that these events are happening, but from someone who has made this journey, there are plenty of good times (and great laughs) sprinkled in with the changes and limitations and loss. I know all of you will find the joys and let the rest blow away in the wind. My heart is with you.



I should be more prolific at times like this, everyone here has left wonderful touching comments, and all I can think of Boogie shoes.

Love to you all.

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