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You girls have a great mom and your love for her is so evident.

Carol Gossett

Sweet mama Moss.


Sweet sisters...sweet mama. Love to you all!


Lovely Mother/Daughter photo. So glad you can all be together.

Leslie J. Moran

This is truly the spirit of the season!

Linda Watson

Your moments with Angie are beautiful. Thank you for sharing some of them with us.


After a lifetime together how can your sister doubt anything you place before her? I don't really know you, but I would gladly gobble up any morsel served by you, or Chris. It kinda helps you have a kind face.

jacki long

Lovely, just perfect!
So glad you are all together.


Ah, picture number four, safety, love, comfort, joy, encouragement, a lifetime of memories all stored in those two little hands.


Joan Clarke

Cherished moments, delightful to provide Momma Moss with these sweet treats. This is the true spirit of Thanksgiving and why it's my most favorite holiday. No gifts required, just bring love and share the blessings.

So glad you're all together with your mother. You'll look back on these times with fondness and will smile.


I'm crying. Why am I crying? Those pictures are just so sweet.

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