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Amy at love made my home

They are beautiful! Your friend is very talented, I can quite see why you would like to "borrow" one... xx

Leslie J. Moran

Oh my lands! What a wonderful, splendid body of work. This is just UNBELIEVABLE! Anyone who does this work knows that it's enough to finish, but framed and hung?? My word. Gorgeous.

Barbara Tarbox

EXQUISITE! Joan I'm certain is, and should be very proud. It is one thing to challenge
But somewhere along the journey, with a project like this, it is a long journey, It must
Take an extraordinary self-disciplined soul to keep up. Reminding yourself that to
Start is nothing, to finish is the prize. Congratulations Joan.
Carol how wonderful for you to give her the accolades she deserves. Lift a flute of
Bubbly and celebrate, I'm right there with you both.

Joan Clarke

Stunning work, what an accomplishment. They need to be featured in a gallery!

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