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Joan Clarke

I have to wonder at the website below the painted sheep:

wehatesheep.com? What's up with that? I'm off to visit that site.


You ARE remarkable. I guess that you will just have to be even more so!

What a great thing to put out in the public. Just think how many people could be inspired by that. Keep a lookout for remarkable people and see of the number increases.

Leslie J. Moran

I guess this means we won't be able to follow you (like sheep)....we'll have to be remarkable all on our own??? really??? I'm not sure I can. I WANT to follow. Baaaaaa! :) You ARE totally remarkable. I love it!


I bet that ad agency will be wondering about the spike in website visitors!

jacki long

Wonderful Carol! I love your blog, it's always just right! And that is remarkable!

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