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Michele Unger

This is a wonderful, WONDERFUL, post! Thank you. I learned something, too.


Leslie j. Moran

This is a quotation that we should cross- stitch. What a great sentiment to start the new year with. The photo of the three of you is PRICELESS!


Good lesson indeed, thanks.


Beautiful photo of the three of you, but honestly, what strikes me the most is the beauty of Angie's hands!


Beauty of a photo to end with.


The side lighting on your three lovely faces -fantastic. Angie's smile could light a room.

Amy at love made my home

You and Angie bring so much hope and light to my life! Thank you both. xx


How beautiful Angie is! Those eyes! What wisdom shines in those eyes! (I see where the Moss girls get their beauty!)

Barbara Tarbox

Yes, the last picture is a family treasure and one for the rest of us lucky Moss Sister
Blog readers to meditate on. Beauty abounds in faces and sentiments, thank you
Carol for giving us something to live into in the year ahead. Amen.

Barbara Tarbox

Thank you Chris for taking the photo that brings so many of us to tears with it's beauty.
Your sensitivity in all the "behind-the-scenes" work is evident.


I am touched by how the love you girls have for your mom (and hers for you) comes through in your photos and blog posts. Lovely photo of the three of you.

Joan Clarke

Joy! The feeling of it may not be coupled with memory but the feeling of joy is limitless, especially when wrapped in love.

So glad you are having these treasured moments with your mother and each other. They will sustain you.


Love love love that photo of Angie!!! The cutest ever :)
Your Mom has the most gogeous smile.. :)

Have an awesomely wonder*full* 2014 xx


wonderful to see you with your mother and mary ann. enjoy them..

Angie A.

Y'all are wonderful daughters! Angie is one lucky mama!


"It is possible to still love something you can no longer do if you hold loosely to the idea of doing it again while grasping firmly to the memories of the joy it gave you."
--Carol Mulvenon

An important quote to reflect on. Journal fodder. Thank you Carol. XxOo

Janet Ghio

The posts about Angie are so poignant and humorous and filled with so much love and insight. thank you so much for sharing Angie and your struggles and triumphs in your blog.

Tina Abbott

Mmmm….the photo of the three of you is so very beautiful.


As the song goes......this is the good stuff.
Missy from the bayou

Susie LaFond

You all just warms my heart; on a day like today at 14 below, it couldn't have come at a better time....looking at these photos is such a delight but also tenderly bittersweet. If my arms were long enough I'd wrap em around all of you just to let you know that your sharings are a special gift, reminding us all what really matters and that when there is humor in the mix there is an extra abundance of love...humor thrives here too, we add it to everything around here...best stuff on the planet and it's super multi-purpose good stuff...I always have a double dose in my pocket and it's a must have when I'm out and about.

Chris Shoop

These are beautiful photos and It's lovely to see your dear mother smile. Wishing all of you a wonderful New Year!


First photo... Oh cuddly bears.
second photo... Ah, sweet thimble.
Third photo... Love the concentration.
Fourth photo.. You all look wonderful, but Momma Moss is divine. What a beauty.

Carol Gossett

Such a great picture of the three of you.


Beautiful photos and thought provoking words to remember.
Thank you.

Judy H.

Loved this.

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