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Amy at love made my home

THANK YOU CAROL for sharing this with us. It is so helpful to discuss these things and to know that you are not alone, you are so right about that.

Thinking of you. xx

Janet Ghio

Good stuff indeed. Difficult decisions for you and your family


Carol - When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's my mother wanted to keep him at home as long as possible due to finances and, in retrospect, I can see the cost that was non-financial for my mother that has resulted more than half a decade after he finally passed.

I am so glad for you and your family that it is possible for Mama Moss to be cared for by others who can take it one shift at a time. I know that you (and your siblings) will continue to spend untold hours with her. The value of enjoying a glorious sunset with pink-iced biscotti cannot be undervalued.

Praying for all of you as this journey contines.


I admire your wisdom, strength and common sense. Your family is lucky to have you.

...propping you up from way over here in Norcal.

Michele Unger

Thanks for sharing your journey. I wish I'd had such a supportive community when my mother and I made this sad trip, but I am so thankful that you and your family have each other to share it with. It's so different for all of us, and yet, the same.

I enjoyed a very similar sunset yesterday, and took my own photos of it. Serendipity for sure. The delicious-sounding cookie was missing, but the sky was a feast in itself.


Joan Clarke

Scenes like your beautiful sunset are so calming. Having the biscotti to enjoy along with the feast for the eyes is also restorative. Enjoy as many of these lovely moments as you can...they remind us that the cycle of life is ongoing, that the sun sets and just as surely, the sun also rises.


I read your posts and all of the comments over the past few days and was so touched by everyone's willingness to share their personal stories. Sadly, this is still a little too close to home for me but I do think it's a case where while every experience is unique to each family, so much can be gained by listening to others who've been there. As bittersweet as it all is, at the end of the day, being as involved as you can with your parent as they're making these choices winds up being such a huge gift. Thank you for helping educate everyone about this.

Kathy Pennekamp

Thank you for your blog! You seem to always put things into perspective. I think about your family daily. I just went through this in caring for my mom. It is not easy! You are not alone!

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