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Carol Gossett

Carol, my own sweet mom passed almost 3 years ago (seems like yesterday).
Reading about Angie brings back memories of placing my mom in an assisted living facility when it became necessary; so hard for her to leave her home of almost 50 years. No one gives you lessons on how to handle this time in our (and their) lives, so we do the best we can. It's wonderful how you and your siblings have rallied around your mom, much as mine did for my mom. I miss her so much. Give your mom a kiss on the cheek for me. XOXO

Amy at love made my home

Angie looks great in those sunglasses, I think she should keep them!! xx

Janet Ghio

Love the photo of mary ann and Angie!

Jan McCann

So lovely, treasure these times together x

Joan Clarke

Sweet, sweet memories in the making. Enjoy your time together. You're SO right to count your blessings: a marvelous family.


You have her hands. love!




Your mom is surrounded by so much love!! That picture with Mary Ann is painfully tender. Hugs....


I was just thinking how lovely Mary Ann looked. First the sunglasses went, then the scarf.
It's wonderful to see your mother looking so happy and relaxed. Shows what loving support from daughters does for a mom!


Beautiful post. So much love in these photos. Thank you for posting.


Gorgeous photo of Angie and Mary Ann... and yes those glasses really wow Angie!Wish I had an arting buddy!

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