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HAH! you only found 1 of the coded messages. where's the other...? hmmmmm get to lookin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awww! Now I miss my sisters;-)


Brilliant post, and I love MAM's coded message!!

Amy at love made my home

I wonder what the other message yet to be found is! xx


"Sisters, sisters. There were never more devoted sisters."

Rhonda H.

Oddly the M&Ms smile just like Mary Ann does! I am glad she had the chance to come visit you and your mom... it is a difficult thing when someone so dear is in on that slippery path. Thank you for sharing so much of this journey with us.


Being from New Mexico, I'm interested in native beliefs and such. Tonight, light a candle in the dark, eat an m&m (or several)and google "owl as totem". Shiver. Turn on the light and make a martini. That's my advice and I'm sticking to it.

Joan Clarke

This post made me smile. The coded message is TOO funny! I think it means you should get green contacts to wear with the red lipstick (for the holidays) Dottie wearing the No Longer In the Convent Blouse...hilarious. Does this raucous sense of humor come from Momma Moss or your dad? My mother's side of the family had a wacky sense of humor and were merciless teases. We would laugh till our faces ached and sides hurt when we'd have family reunions. The other side of the family were wet blankets, no fun at all.

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