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Joan Clarke

Dare to fail, dare to be ridiculous, shed the pride, the false facade and let go of all preconceived ideas, notions. What we want to do is discover that inner child and let him/her PLAY!


Oh my jealous nature is arising! So fabulous that you girls do this ~ we will all be with you at poolside - in spirit anyway! Have a wonderful retreat.


I have known for several years that having attractive surroundings helps you do better work. I think the science is the same.

Nancy from Fair Oaks, CA

Whenever I spend time creating, I feel like I am in "recess" ...something I always looked forward to and really needed on a regular basis at school. And how lucky you are to spend time in Palm Springs. I've only been there once but it's like no other place in California (or the world).

Jane Bumar

I know you will have a wonderful and very well deserved art-cation with glorious company. Wishing you balmy days of the soul (and weather!)


i know for a fact that cannon balling into that pool over the top of you & pams nutcrackers is gonna make me 100 times better at my real job!

Leslie j. Moran

Are you bothering to pack your bras this time? Have a blast


Sister! I have synchronized swimming routines planned for us - choreographed to Frank Sinatra's "Downtown". And don't forget about Marco Polo...

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