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Yea, well, as far as I can tell, Picasso wasn't anatomically correct either, so there!

jacki long

Delightful, especially because we can see you had so much fun!
That is the real criteria. ♥


These are great Carol. I really liked the animals! Looks like your time was well in the desert.

Amy at love made my home

All I see are beautiful drawings, nothing that hilarious I'm afraid! I like all your different flowers! You did a lot while you were away. xx


I have only just begun process playing...for most of my life I was a product minded creator. And of course it's the playtime that has not only taught me the most but has yielded the best outcomes (artwork wise).

You are clearly having fun and learning and making such great stuff. You are inspirational!

Leslie J. Moran

You are acquiring quite a distinct style! Shows that we all need to let go a little and as you say, enjoy the process entirely. Lookin' good girl!

Janet Ghio

I love your sketchbook pages!

Susie LaFond

Enjoyed every page Carol. :) Stay warm and toasty.

Linda Watson

Huge smile. The joy and pleasure is so apparent, it just spills over. Thanks!


I love your pages! And I totally get your creative process- not being attached to the outcome and just enjoying the process. That's actually why I hate baking. I'm glad you can turn out a good batch of cookies.


Ooh, that patterns and shapes page just makes me swoon, but I love all the pages you did. Looks like you had an amazing time!

Joan Clarke

I believe the process is what brings the most direct pleasure when in comes to making art...Play is important, the letting go, the freeing of the imagination with no regard to outcome is FUN! It may not measure up to some standards, but that isn't a reason to NOT do it, right?

Now when it comes to baking? Count me out! I'd rather eat it than make it. I loathe measuring ingredients.

When I learned to cook nothing was ever measured. I learned from my grandmother, mother, dad saying: Put about this much this or that, then a pinch of this. A mound in the palm of the hand was about a Tablespoon. Add a little of this, a bit of that, stir and taste...yes! That's my way to cook. There were no recipe cards, no cook books. You just made it by watching & learning by doing. You can have the baking.


These are lovely!

Michele Unger

NO ONE would be "busting a gut" after viewing your impressive work....we are all applauding! Thanks for sharing. I am very impressed!


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