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Amy at love made my home

Great combo on the wine and cookies, I would never have thought of that. Hope that you enjoyed being less tentative! xx


As a non-doodler (I only used to make lists with letters in hs or college), I know there is nothing effortless for me re doodling! Perhaps another lifetime...

Janet Ghio

LOL-I love that you said "in my next life". i say that all the time--I used to say "in my next life I will have 20/20 vision"--who knew that when I had cataract surgery 2 years ago I would 20/20 vision in this lifetime!! My latest next lifetime is "long luxuriously thick hair"

Joan Clarke

In my next life I want to have thick, NATURALLY CURLY hair, don't care if it's long or short...thick and curly is what matters.

Just give yourself permission to play with not expectations of outcome. That's what is so freeing. And tell that inner critic to take a hike.


Good to know about the wine and Lorna Doones. One never knows when info like that will come in handy. At the store:"what wine pairs with these Lorna. Doones." " Why I usually go for a Pinot Noir". Can't wait until someone asks!,


Appreciate your taking time out of your holiday to do some serious Lorna Doone research. xo


In my next life I will have FAT hair and THIN thighs! Yes I will. Your desert art holiday sounds fantastic. I will continue to practice my alphabet and doodles to dazzle you when we have a play date. XxOo

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