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I am so green. I totally wanted to see it but alas the Justin Beiber movie punted this off near by movie screens.

Amy at love made my home

So funny to think of you sneaking your drink in with you! I wonder if you will be able to smuggle ice cream in with you in the summer - tee hee!!! Good on you for getting to lots of films, that is a nice fun thing to do. xx


Loved this movie! Just saw Inside Llewyn Davis also, it was good too.


Loved this movie and Saving Mr. Banks. My hubby and I go to movies on Wednesday afternoons (his week day off) and find it "delightfully sinful".

Joan Clarke

I will often go to the matinee movie alone. I find it delicious to sneak in a good film all by myself. Many of our theaters are attached to Casinos so I have the added benefit of the restaurants there/the food court/Starbucks at the movie vendor. The closest casino is only minutes from my house. Yea!

Saw this Judi Dench film a few weeks ago, Mr. Banks last week. Want to see the Llewen Davis one and Nebraska with Bruce Dern. I have no desire to see Wolf of Wallstreet or American Hustle, however.

I'm currently reading Call the Midwife which is also a TV Series whose 3rd season begins in Mar. I'll have to view the first two seasons beforehand. I'm loving the book(s). There are three.


Looking forward to seeing this film!!

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