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Love this. And you're being modest about your niceness.


Ah, but were they for small FEET? LOL. You have a great family - all of them. Lucky you.

Amy at love made my home

I can so relate to this Carol! I definitely got more bossiness than is good for me, but I am sure that you are a lot nicer than you think you are, your love comes through in all of your posts. I suspect that you are just one of those who can see through the c!#p and see what needs doing and you just want to get on and do it to make things as good as possible for others - Angie for instance! xx

Amy at love made my home

Forgot to say, your sister is obviously a super lovely person!! JUST LIKE YOU!! xx

Susie LaFond

Dottie looks pretty resourceful so I'd say she is the perfect woman for sock sorting duty and as Angie's sidekick. Can't wait for your art retreat stories, sounds like I should grab a cup of something and settle in. :) I'm guessing you had a really good time.

Joan Clarke

Bossy? You? I hardly think so. Being "in charge" is hardly bossy. You assess a situation and address what needs to be done, right? I'm sure you do this while being nice...give yourself some credit.

I'm glad your family is so willing to jump in and help with Angie. That's a real plus. I know several families who let the burden fall on one person.

Can't wait to hear about the art retreat.

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