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Joan Clarke

There are downloadable practice sheets online somewhere...just can't remember. These allow you to print off and then trace over the letters with your pen. Paper really makes a difference in the way ink behaves: feathers, blobs, etc.

Years ago I got a book on Calligraphy at a book warehouse sale. I did regular practice in the workbook. It was not very long before I could make decent letters.
Keep up the good work. Your teacher was right, the workbook had you make one line of each letter for the entire page! Training your muscles to memorize this new set of movement will soon become natural. It's a great challenge for the new year.


I have a bottle of that same ink sitting in a box and a calligraphy book and old dip pen somewhere, too. Maybe I'll give it another go - after I get some oilcloth for the table! I like your idea of pouring some ink in a shot glass to dip from, rather than the bottle - it seems easier.

Janet Ghio

After reading mary Ann's post, i ordered Mark heralds book and it is so fabulous!! What is the name of the book and author that you have with the different fonts?


The rhythm of pressing and releasing as you make thick and thin letters is so nice to feel.It makes writing a different thing than what we do with ballpoints or gels or any modern pen. Different nibs make a tremendous difference, too. Write by candle light on little pages and think of Jane Austen. Of course, then you will want to read some of her books again!

Leslie J. Moran

What a lovely art form you are "dipping" into now! You'll be perfect in no time!

Lisa Hoffman

They say that all artists are on the same wavelength.....my Blog post (pre-scheduled last week!) going live later this afternoon is all about resolutions and....HANDWRITING. I am the keeper of my family photos dating back to around 1878 (no s**t) and the writing on the back of every photo is exquisite! this includes the men......yes, it's time to resurrect the Real Thing. You'll be a fabulous writer, I can FEEL it.....


That is script and cursive alphabets 100 complete fonts selected and arranged by Dan X. Solo.
Its a Dover book and was only around $4.00! A bargain.

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Tip – Take a soft sponge and carve/cut out a hole in it, wide and deep enough, to hold your ink glass. The sponge will help prevent accidentally knocking over your ink glass, as well as a side surface to wipe off excess ink off the tip of your pen nib. I learned this tip from a calligraphy instructor, a while back.

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