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Debbie J

It's so beautiful! When you block, did you totally wet it, before pinning it out, or just spray it, to get it damp. I have a cotton shawl that needs blocking, but I haven't decided which is the best approach - wet, then pin out, or pin out then spray?

Leslie J. Moran

That cannot be easier than it looks! Yikes. What intricate work. Brava Carol...just gorgeous. I'm toiling away with cables and will stop my complaining immediately. Yours takes the cake!

Barbara Tarbox

This color, Ruby slippers will look terrific on you? Hope Chris will provide us with a pic.
there is nothing so luxe as the feel of silk and cashmere. Almost light enough to
Float away.
Am knee deep in felt and wool and silk thread and Henning Mankill and rain. That is
A whole lot better than freezing temps and snow, well maybe a little snow.
Had a wonderful hot toddy the another night. A B-52 Bombmer. naughty of me not
To get the recipe, but I promise to.
Many good wishes to the whole tribe.

Barbara Tarbox

Apparently the recipe for B-52 Bomber has many variations and is traditionally served over ice and either layered or shaken. The friend who served it claims it's just as much
A winter toddy.
Equal parts Kaluha
Grand Marnier
Bailey's Irish Creme
Almond Liquor
Added to half cup strong, hot coffee. This leads to truth telling time and best shared
With a friend!

Amy at love made my home

Beautiful Carol, I sooo wish I could knit. The colour, the delicacy, everything, you did an amazing job. Hope that you love wearing it - lots of options as you say! xx


Wow! Beautiful combination of color and pattern! Will have to put this pattern in my to-do list.


High marks, Carol. High marks indeed!


Amazing as usual! Love when you share your knitting projects, very inspiring!

jeanette, mistress of longears

WOW! This is soooooo wonderful….I am almost tempted to try lace knitting….almost.

Janet Ghio



Do you take orders??? I just love that.


Having knit a couple lace shawls (very slowly and rather badly), I'm here to tell you that it isn't easier than it looks! What a gorgeous result. I'm not a red person but that shawl is fabulous and will look great on you.

Linda Watson

That's gorgeous! Looks good front, back and sideways. You're right - until it's blocked I always feel like it just might be a dishrag. Then, voila! Lace.


Practically perfect in every way!

Cathy von Hassel-Davies

WOW! Gorgeous!!

Violet Cadburry

That is a work of art. Simply beautiful.

Judy H.

Just lovely!


mighty purdy sister!!


I wish I could say I trust you on how easy this pattern is but as my kniting ability is somewhat ..hmmm...let's just say "give it up girl you got no idea" lol...I can do many other thing and well but this kniting thing has beat me....I will just admire your beautiful work....for you my dear girl have got it......keep sharing for this is my fix...lol. Thank you for sharing such beautiful ART!...oh while your in snow and cold were are in the 40's here hot hot hot (that's 40oC )


Love the pattern !! What is the name of it ? I would like to make one myself.

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