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Joan Clarke

Whatever diversion keeps you from the tree dismantling, do it. Besides, the poinsettias are still too lovely to discard. One year I was able to keep them in the house in bloom until June!.

Amy at love made my home

Although we have put our christmas tree and decorations away I am still burning christmas candles, eating christmas cake and dealing with christmas leftovers from the freezer. So if you are dealing with all that, you might as well have the tree up right! Anyway, as you said, it is keeping the pointsettias company! xx


Dottie would certainly wonder where the tree was when she saw the lonely poinsettias. Good call on your part.


I always thought Valentine's Day was the cut off time....


You have your priorities just right. Dottie needs that for her visit! A Christmas tree is a true mood lightener.

I decided to keep our (fake) tree up through Valentine's day by adding red hearts to the cookie cutters. btw, my dh doesn't know this about the tree yet. He's still in CA but what Mama says usually wins.

The few actual other decorations are packed away as well as the Christmas linens, mugs etc. A fully decorated tree would overwhelm this old woman! Just tracking down all he odd bits and pieces is a treasure hunt. :)

Nancy from Fair Oaks, CA

Love your logic!

Leslie J. Moran

One of the recent jokes on David Letterman was that it was SO COLD that he put his Christmas tree to the curb, and it came back in! Caution.

Judy H.

I was thrilled to see that my copy of Mr. Penumbra glowed (though at first I thought it was my imagination)! What a great idea! :D

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