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Joan Clarke

I would be the last person to cast aspersions on your attempts to draw anything! I think you're brave for letting all of us see your art journals, something very personal that most would be very reluctant to share with with people you've never met in person.

I'm waving my flag, taking off my hat to you. Keep it up. You girls inspire and entertain all of us.



Sharon W.

I think your sketches are enchanting! They give us a special universe where wee squirrels scurry among giant dandelions, hiding from large birds under a small bright sun. Move over, Maurice Sendak!!!

Janet Ghio

I love your sketches and those pesky squirrels dart around pretty fast!

Vicki in Michigan

So cool that you can sketch together. So cool that modern technology can render the half-a-continent of rocks and distance between you nebulous and insignificant..........

Thank you for letting us peek over your shoulder.

ps -- I don't care how many squirrels-running-up-telephone poles anyone has sketched. They'd have a lotta damned gall to cast aspersions on your work! (my fave is the bird in the upper left -- very iconic....)

Leslie J. Moran

I'm just wondering where in the world the squirrel was? It's pretty incredible to have found that little animal either in Palm Springs or in Kansas. Perhaps he was in LA, just behind Mary Ann? :) That's a really neat way of journal sketching together. Well done.

Amy at love made my home

I have never tried drawing, let along painting a squirrel, so I have nothing to say other than I think that yours is wonderful!! xx


The squirrel and all my little drawings on that page were inspired by the work of Mark Hearld.
I copied his work from his workbook and another book that my sister brought to the art retreat.
Pure fun. Thanks Mark!


but the labels are all yours and i like those v.v. much!!!
the flock of parrots landed on the porch 2 seconds after our facetime ended.
they wanted to know where you were.

Linda Watson

So I'm in Southern California, looking at your blog in Kansas, which has a picture of mary ann in Southern California, which has a small photo of you in Kansas. I think I just fell down the rabbit hole. lol

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