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jacki long

Wonderful, Carol! ♥♥♥

Amy at love made my home

Hugs to you. xx

Carol Gossett

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful thing she said- I bet it tugged at your heart, didn't it?
Just makes me think of my own mom and how I miss her. Doing what you and your sibs are doing now is such a beautiful way to honor your sweet mother.


Carol- your posts on this topic have been so compassionate and helpful. Thanks for addressing such a difficult but very present need.

Joan Clarke

Sweet Angie! Wishing her a peaceful passage through this stage of her life. You're a compassionate and thoughtful person, Carol. I'm sure your mother knows that.

Linda Watson

Was all serious until I scrolled to the picture of Angie. Big smile and a bit of a chuckle. What a light she is. And, thanks for the book reco. A dear friend has just been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I've been with persons dying, but this friend's wife hasn't. Tough times right now.

Susie LaFond

Carol, you share the best moments. I love seeing Angie's adorable grin and reminds me of all the times my Mom and I would get the giggles over the dumbest things. Smiling is good and it's important to document those moments, especially when there is an abundance of serious ones always just around the corner. Also speaking of happiness and much merriment,your sketch of the squirrel in your facetime journaling session with Miss Mary Ann made me chuckle since I'm fairly certain I saw one that looked just like yours scurrying up our birch tree, in fact I'm sure of it. ;)


What a beautiful picture of Miss Angie, she looks so happy and relaxed. Thinking of you all at this difficult time; it appears you are all handling it with the right mix of good humour, love, compassion and practicalness.


I have been taking my time reading this book, letting my dinner digest as I digest the clear, caring words here. Good stuff Carol.


I love that photo! You are giving Angie such a gift. Thinking of you!


Beautiful photo of Angie, her lovely face always makes me smile. Isn't music a great balm to the soul? My Father passed peacefully last week, and we had the most joyful celebration of his life on Friday. The Hospice staff is holding a memorial tomorrow at the Assisted Living center. They were and still are a great comfort to us.

Loretta Garcia

Hola Carol y primos,
This is your cousin Loretta Garcia in Pennsylvania. Dottie and Uncle Jack have been my contacts and have been in touch, but your blog has been a solace for me as I let my prayers waft your way. I got to be with them in San Antonio with other Noah Cox-Rosaura Barrera descendents. What a blessing to have her meet all the primos. Thanks for the spirit and love you share with us all.

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