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nancy (covey member)

Whoa - the 'J' is SO NICE.. I want to be Jancy Walrafen. forget the N and keep practicing.... you're getting the knack!.. and will mail you tomorrow:)

Amy at love made my home

Your letters are looking beautiful, I hope that you keep enjoying the exploring. xx


I don't have any fancy pens, but I love to doodle names. Always have:) It was most fun when I was deciding what to name all three kiddos.


You should see my mom's mom's penmanship....WOW, it's beyond textbook gorgeous!

Jane Bumar

Magnificent! Still haven't got past the bit where the ink goes blop or screetch out of the nib - perhaps it's all in the paper? Great work either way.

Jane Bumar

Sorry I meant to type "I haven't got past the ink goes blop..." you most certainly have!

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