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Kathy Pennekamp

There is nothing like the concern from a mom! I am the same way with my kids! Thinking of you and your family!

Janet Ghio

love that you will be reposting some of your
Angie posts--I know myself and others feel that we "knew" Angie too and miss her.

Leslie J. Moran

Perhaps we, your readers, never knew Angie personally, but by your very clever portrayals, we all came to appreciate your family ties. I so got Angie on this one. It makes me smile and see how very much alike we all are.


Always love hearing about your Mom. She was so adorable and sweet. Love that you have so many wonderful memories and look forward to having you share them. Sending long distance hugs your way.

Susie LaFond

I'm going to tune in for each and every one of these 'reruns' Carol. Thank you sweet woman for sharing the memories with us again. Angie very much reminded me of my Grandma Emma and every time you shared a story with us I always ended up thinking of my favorite Grand and I adored you and Mary Ann for that. She passed way back in the 70's before they understood what they do now about the 'aging' mind. The drifting and ebb and flow of memory so my final memories of her are rather a bit sad but she loved life, had a great sense of humor and the patience of a saint. She taught me everything I know about making cinnamon rolls and bread and that 'if you're livin' you just better get on with it already, not a second of one's life should ever be missed, if you don't pay attention you could miss something very grand like the sun rising or the fact that the raspberries on the bushes are fat and juicy and need to be picked but don't tell Grandpa Joe I told you' since he preferred to do all the pickin' by himself, us grand kids got too excited and tended to trample his other plants in the process. Every story about Angie made me smile, made me remember and always touched my heart so thank you so very much for gracing us with these precious snippets of her life. I'm truly grateful. xoxo

Linda Watson

LOL I am so looking forward to the Angie re-runs. Thanks!

Judy H.

Read Mama Moss's obit in today's KC paper. I will look forward to your Angie reruns. Take care. xoxo


I love seeing Angie in these posts. AFter my mom died, one my older sisters went through my blog and pulled out posts and sent them to us by email. It was so sweet and sometimes so hard to read. At times like this, I really treasure having kept the blog and realize how it has become a chronicle of our lives for not just me, but for my whole family.

Please put up these great posts! You know I just can't get enough of your mom's devilish grin!

Chris Oliveira

I am reading others' comments and realizing that I am not the only one who has come to love Angie through your blog. Your stories about her are brimming over with love, so no wonder we have all been affected. I smiled...again...when I read this post. Looking forward to sharing in your memoir to your very special Mother.


You can't help it, Carol, you are funny.

Love the Angie stories . . . Thinking of you.

Dottie Moss

Oh Carol, this is so Mom. You captured this part of her spot on. I'm laughing. Your rerun made her come alive again! Thanks.

Dottie Moss

LOVE this photo of Mom, Carol. Glad you got her on her deck with St. Francis and with her plants that gave her pleasure.


Such a cutie!


I'm so sorry for your loss, Carol. This is a wonderful, lighthearted way to honour your mom.

Pat P

Awhile back, I looking in Mary Ann's archives for something totally unrelated and came across a picture of your mom on a shopping trip, holding up a thong. I spewed coffee out my nose on that one!!!


This makes me laugh! And oh, her mumus:)


Please tell Mary Ann to re-post that pic of you and Grandma holding up a thong:) I could add to it the story of when Grandma told me about her wedding night...and you know, 9 months later Dad came. Oh geeze, I couldn't believe that conversation transpired:)

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