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Love the colours & scallops! Wishing you many more comforting memories of Mama Moss when you wrap yourself in this beauty!

Carol Gossett

Absolutely beautiful.


What a beautiful post. Very true. I will have to give modular knitting a try. You have inspired me.

Rhonda H.

That is a beautiful project! And as you said, will have some wonderful moments associated with it. I love those colors!!!


I've done lots of modular knitting too and agree it is fun! You've done the Swirl shawl. There's the Wingspan shawl (on display at the YB). Vivian Hoxbro has two books of modular patterns, Domino Knitting and Knit to be Square. Or just search Ravelry for "modular" and see what comes up.

I'm glad you'll have such good memories associated with this project.

Susie LaFond

love this Carol. I totally agree with you, a lot of grace can be found in the quiet spaces.


Beauty-full, altogether. xxx

Amy at love made my home

It is beautiful - in many ways! xx

Leslie j. Moran

Once again your fine work. I have never tried anything as intricate, but love your philosophy of uncluttered peaceful space.


Every time you wear this beauty you'll wear it like a hug from your sweet Momma Moss. Your color choices are divine, love neutrals.

I've never tried modular knitting but might give this a whirl...I'm heavy into knitting 12 pair of socks for 2014. Learning many different methods of making toes, heels, pattern/textures. knitting is my meditation.

I sent a link to You Tube of the 2 Cellos...you'll love the music, I think. Check your email.

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