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That's hilarious! I would never have thought of doing that. Love these Angie re-runs. Smiling and laughing is the best way to celebrate the life that has passed.


It was a good idea! Nice memories. Our dog gets the pizza crusts!

Janet Ghio

great story


I loved it the first time and I love now! Keep going, it's a celebration of life.

jacki long

I remember this post!
You shared her great personality so well over the years,
and I am enjoying the re-runs!
Long live Angie!

Sherry Green Peck

You are a jewel....she must have relished your company!! Good thing, so we have these priceless stories and permission to retell the ones of our own Mother's. One that always gives me a giggle is when I was helping my Mom off the chair (she was paralyzed on one side and couldn't talk but laughed a lot!) Anyway we were getting dressed for bed and we (me) pulled up her pajama bottoms with a good strong pull from the back while she held on to me.... up good and tight and she started laughing....I had pulled the bottoms up so good I had also tucked in her boobs. Thank you for sharing ... it is good to remember the treasures!

Susie LaFond

Smiling hugely over this one. These stories are the best and happy you've decided to give them another go round.


I am so happy you are re-running posts because I did not find your blog until some time last year, and I just love hearing about your sweet Angie. We are still learning something new from our parents all the way up until the end of their lives. I will never throw away another piece of pizza crust. I am making a special spot for them in the freezer right now because there is nothing worse then making an egg and not having bread to go with it! Thank you, Angie.....This is such a beautiful way to get through grief isn't it?


What a great story! Love your posts about your interactions with Angie ... always so gentle, fun loving and colorful.

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